AppServ 9.3

Installs a web server with built-in Apache, MySQL, PHP and phpMyAdmin

Deploys a server that supports web, databases and database administration through a set of known apps (Apache, MySQL, PHP, and phpMyAdmin).

AppServ is an application designed to automatically install all the packages needed to convert your own Windows powered computer into a web server. It includes MySQL and PHPMyAdmin for database management, Apache as a web server. This is why this kind of programs is usually called WAMP.

You may think that the program is not convenient because it doesn't have a user interface at all, but you will already have all the features you want to see on the front end as separate executables, for instance, the start/stop services and the configuration test tool.

One of the great features that I could find in this program, and one that is missing in the most famous WAMP application, EasyPHP, is the ability to specify the domain name of the Apache server and the root MySQL password during the setup process. This saves a lot of hassle trying to figure out where to set them in their complicated plain configuration files.

One of the disadvantages of this program is that it doesn't support other database engines like SQLite or PostgreSQL, and doesn't come with ability to install modules.

Once installed, you can navigate to http://localhost in order to access the database manager PHPMyAdmin and PHP information page.

Mark Adeeb
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  • Easy to setup
  • Preconfigured services
  • Installs components as system service


  • No user interface or tray icon
  • No support for MySQLi or SQLite
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